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Meet Sylvia

As a Certified Financial Planner, Sylvia Sarkus provides independent financial consulting to both the individual and corporate spheres. In addition to providing basic financial counsel in budgeting, tax planning, and meeting financial objectives, Sylvia also helps clients review investments, plan for retirement and offers advice on estates and clients both at home and abroad on financial objectives, budgets and tax planning. She helps them review investments, plan for retirement and advises on estates and trusts. Clients count on her to prepare their corporate and personal income tax returns and trust returns.

Why Choose Her?

Time and again clients count on Sylvia to prepare their corporate and personal income tax returns and trust funds. They choose to rely on her to guide them through critical transitions such as employment change, bereavement, sickness, disability and divorce.

With over twenty years of independent consulting under her belt, paired with past positions in taxation and corporate finance at Revenue Canada, she is uniquely qualified to offer expert advice in both the public and private sectors.

Her eclectic client base is built of people who hail from a diverse array of professional fields. From medical and legal experts, to engineers, computer specialists, academics, artists and entrepreneurs—Sylvia knows what it takes to customize consultations to a variety of people and lifestyles.

Sylvia’s Credentials:

Sylvia is a former Member of The Financial Planning Association and the Americas Geographic Focus Group. She is also a founding member for the Tax Caucus for the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association, and a current member of the Show Me the Return and Show Me the Benchmark advocacy campaigns.

Sylvia is a graduate of the University of Toronto, where she studied commerce and economics. She has taught accounting at the university and college level and is frequently called on to speak to local community and business groups about financial planning and tax issues.

Sylvia graduated with a B.A. in Commerce and Economics from the University of Toronto, and has since taught accounting at both the University and College levels.

To learn more about Sylvia you can connect with her on Facebook via our contact page.