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Last Updated March 15, 2010

A Trusted Advisor

Sylvia Sarkus is a Certified Financial Planner who provides independent consulting to individuals and corporate clients. She counsels them to meet their financial challenges and responsibilities in both their personal and business lives. Her long-time clients include medical and legal professionals, engineers, computer specialists, academics, artists and entrepreneurs.

Sylvia works with clients both at home and abroad on financial objectives, budgets and tax planning. She helps them review investments, plan for retirement and advises on estates and trusts. Clients count on her to prepare their corporate and personal income tax returns and trust returns.

She also guides people through their financial options during critical transitions such as employment change, bereavement, sickness, disability and divorce. She has been featured in the Weekend Living Section of the Toronto Star and been a guest on the CBC’s “The Current” with Anna Maria Tremonti. She has spoken at the University of Toronto on financial planning and has acted as moderator during the weeklong S.I.F.E.(Students in Financial Enterprises) symposium in Toronto which was hosted by the HSBC Bank.

An Experienced Professional

Before Sylvia started her own business, she developed hands-on experience in taxation issues and corporate finance through positions at Revenue Canada, a financial services provider and a major oil and gas producer. Her unique perspective of both the public and private sectors is honed from this background plus more than 20 years of independent consulting.

Sylvia is a graduate of the University of Toronto, where she studied commerce and economics. She has taught accounting at the university and college level and is frequently called on to speak to local community and business groups about financial planning and tax issues.

As a fee-for-service practitioner, Sylvia does not sell commission-based investment products. She keeps current with financial issues as a former Member of The Financial Planning Association, having served as a member of the Americas Geographic Focus group. In addition, Sylvia is a founding member of the Tax Caucus for the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association and is a member of the Show Me the Return and Show Me the Benchmark advocacy campaigns.

To keep her professional and family life in balance, Sylvia enjoys an active lifestyle that includes power walking, yoga, dragon boat racing, sailing, skiing and participates in marathons. She also loves to travel, see films and plays, belongs to literary and culinary groups, listens to a wide variety of classical and contemporary music, and is interested in art and architecture. Sylvia is on the Board of Directors for Credit Canada and is a former Treasurer of Tapestry new opera works.

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